Consulting for Higher Education Professionals

The What and Why

The Reflective Student by SG Consulting:

  • Higher education consulting with a reflective learning focus, to build skills in students’ co-curricular experiences.
  • A service needed to highlight the importance of learning that takes place with co-curricular experiences through a tangible learning process.
  • After consultations with the client, they will be left with tools to implement reflective learning with their students, and ways to highlight the learning taking place to further justify their importance to the higher education institution.
  • Additionally, I will take on the implementation of reflective learning, monitoring and reporting for those higher education professionals that may be too busy to implement.
  • Providing the client with reports showing the meeting of, or gaps in student learning outcomes.  Overall assessment from student perspective. Overall assessment from staff perspective.

How will I consult?

I will tailor my consulting services and interactions to fit your needs.  I will work with professional staff and students in individual and/or group settings. Through a consultative partnership we together will set a schedule, explore who on your campus I should talk to, plan any on-campus visits, present a report of findings, and work with you to follow up on findings.  I will be here to help take some of the burden off your busy schedule and your to-do list.

Set up a time to talk through your goals of consultation services and we can design a plan together.

Consulting Services in the following areas:



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